Training and Seminar Topics of Marriage by SEICM

A. Pre-marital topics

  • Knowing the willing of God for engagement
  • Choosing the right marriage partner
  • Pure life during Engagement time
  • Sex before marriage
  • Marriage and the role of Parents A reasonable Wedding
  • Masturbation and Pornography

B. Post-marital Topics 

  • Love and Commitment
  • Marriage covenant relationship
  • Causes of miscommunications
  • Family Planning
  • Sex problem
  • Children raising
  • Church Ministers and their home
  • Polygamy  & Divorce
  • Interference of Parents
  • Couples and HIV/AIDS
  • Impotency and frigidity

C. Church Counselors seminar topics

  • All topics which are listed under the above A and B.
  • Homosexuality
  • Biblical work Ethics
  • Harmful Drugs
  • Social sex workers
  • Impotency and Frigidity
  • Western Sex Movies and porno
  • Men dominant culture

D. Community training topics

  • How to have a happy marriage
  • How to raise children
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Family planning
  • Abortion & FGM
  • Divorce and remarriage
  • Work ethics
  • Productivity and entrepreneurship
  • Fighting Corruption and poverty

E. High school and University Students

  • Prioritizing educational success achievements
  • The perfect love commitment planning
  • Fighting addictions
  • The existence of God and Salvation
  • The influences of friends and the technology
  • The effects of Porno and erotic movies
  • HIV/AIDS and STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)
  • Abortion
  • Developments of Adolescence
  • Work ethics