The Objectives of SEICM?

 The Salt of the Earth International Counseling Ministry has the following Objectives.

  1. Teaching both single and married couples about God’s will for marriage and about happy marriage in the church and outside of the church.
  2. Training marriage counselors in the church to equip them that they may assist singles and married couples around their church and their area.
  3. Giving   seminar   for   married   couples   in   order   to   help   them   to   overcome   the challenges of marriage.
  4. Giving clear teachings for the community about good ethics and values as well as about raising their children, family planning and fighting HIV/AIDs, Abortion,FGM, Polygamy and Divorce.
  5.  Teaching high school and university students to have a very good understanding about  marriage and to indicate them that sex before marriage is Sin. Teaching them to be hard working productive citizens.
  6. Running rehabilitation program especially for those who losses their parents and partners.